Rocket Shooter [Unreal: PC]

Rocket Shooter, an Unreal 4.10/C++┬áprototype┬ádeveloped by Pedro Cori and I, is a 3rd person multiplayer 3D action shooter. Implementation Player Controller, Projectile, and Explosion C++ base class definitions, adhering to Unreal Gameplay Framework’s server-client model … Continue reading Rocket Shooter [Unreal: PC]

Particle System [SFML]

Created in SFML, the particle system is capable of creating more/deleting existing particle emitters, toggling the application of an external force, and adding/removing the number of particles in each emitter. Project hosted on Github.

Project Dawn [Unity3D]

Planned to be an exploration of giving the player hard-decisions to make, Project: Dawn centres around the player making choices to advance. Combining the voyage-with-attrition structure of Oregon Trail with the mechanics and dynamics of … Continue reading Project Dawn [Unity3D]